Original Season  = RW: Nepal

Challenges = The Island (Final)
The Duel
Mission Wins = 2
Eliminations = (2 wins, 1 loses)
Money Won = $0
Total Episodes = 18


The Island

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Tower To Victory Individuals SAFE
2 Sumo-No SAFE
3 Match It SAFE
4 Quiz Me SAFE
5 Bridge Crossing SAFE
6 King Of The Ladder SAFE
7 Don't Rock The Boat WIN
8 Final Challenge LOSER

The Duel

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Don't Stop Individuals SAFE
2 Trivia Sucks SAFE
3 Roller Derby ELIM
4 Long Cross SAFE
5 Smash & Dash OUT


The Island

Episode Vote Opponent Result
3 6 - 2 Isaiah WIN

The Duel

Episode Duel Opponent Result
3 Stack To The Top Bobby WIN
5 Tie Em' Up DJ OUT

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