Road Rules: Bahamas


Debut Season

= The Island

Members: Alexis
Chase (won)
DJ (won)
Jason (won)
Josh (final)
Mission Wins = 50
Eliminations = 52 (27 wins, 25 loses)
Money Won =  $425,745


Cast Member The Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Alexis Besties, Battlefield, Rivals, Invasion, All For One, The Gauntlet, The Ruins None $50,000
Chase The Island, Lifelines, Showdown, Cutthroat, Invasion, Lifelines II, The Oasis, Besties II, The Duel II Besties II $50,000
DJ The Duel, Lifelines, Besties Besties $135,000
Jason Free Agents, Battle Of The Seasons, Rivals, The Ruins Rivals $105,745
Josh Lifelines, The Oasis, Besties II, The Duel II, The Island II None $85,000
Violet Lifelines, Showdown, Besties, Battlefield, Lifelines II, The Island II, Bloodlust, None $0
Challenge in bold indicates that the contestant was a finalist on the Challenge.